My Happy Place

Bookstores are my happy place. Always have been, always will be. I fantasize about opening my own little bookstore when I retire from teaching, hoping that by then, books will not be obsolete. That in itself is a whole other post. Have you ever seen the movie You’ve Got Mail ? It’s cheesy, yes, but the local bookstore? Oh, how I long to have a shop around the corner. My town is lacking in a bookstore, but I don’t think I can quite convince my husband that I should be the solution.

Bookstores have a smell. You all know that new book smell. The smell is still there when the Amazon box arrives with books for my classroom, but it’s not same. However, the joy of getting new crisps books will never go away. I recently had a baby and have been given many generous, generous gifts. My sister, who shares the same passion for reading and books, gave me an amazing “welcome to the world, baby” present. An Amazon box arrived with three books I’ve been wanting to read. I guess after 36 years, she knows me pretty well.


5 thoughts on “My Happy Place”

  1. I love the Shop Around the Corner in You’ve Got Mail! I would love to have a book store like that to go to. I would want to curl up in a chair with a coffee and get lost in a book for an hour or two! It would be so much better than a Starbucks.

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    1. Let’s put the bookstore on hold for at least a year 🙂

      “The Storied Life of A.J. Fickry” -read and loved.
      “The Cuckoo’s Calling” – haven’t started yet.
      “Carry On, Warrior” – currently in the middle of reading.


  2. I love book stores, too. But don’t forget your library. It’s always a good idea to make friends with the children’s librarian in your local library or school library. They will hold the latest and greatest books for you, and the price is the best–FREE.


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